Inka has over-gone many a change in its long standing timeline, it was originally based at 35 Curzon street across the road to its current digs , some of our older clients will remember those days, Lee and his father Errol, worked tirelessly to create the reputation of the studio and they soon took derby by storm. The way that the studio was being run was different to what people had experienced elsewhere, 

Inka pioneered because unlike a lot of studios at the time we used customer service and actual business practices to heighten the experience of the client, something that we still do to this day.

The next few years were fast paced and it soon transpired that Inka was ready for yet another transformation, so Lee and Errol developed the company further and purchased 46 Curzon street, the current home of todays Inka tattoos.

This big move was exactly what we needed and started to put Inka on the map for tattooing in the UK.

Over the next few years, the industry slowly developed and saw an enormous rise in the interest in the arts of tattooing and piercings. The odds were in Inka’s favour – the industry was transforming.

Over the next few years, our reputation grew and Inka developed. Being home to some fantastic artists and developing some brilliant apprentices. At this point Lee and his partner Michelle started to consider the opportunity’s to develop a way to facilitate learning of the sacred arts on a bigger scale.



In 2009 Lee and Michelle and the Inka team worked tirelessly to start to develop a cutting edge way of teaching tattooing and piercing to students. This was just dubbed the academy at first , but would be later called the Body Art Academy. The aim was to pioneer the industry and really develop the techniques and protocols within the industry to new levels, something that we continue to do presently.

This soon took off and within a couple of years, the body art academy had taken hundreds of students, and with the brilliant teaching levels had gained a 100% pass rate, something we still boast to this day 

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