Ninth of July 2018

Ouija Piercings was born

I had originally worked in retail in customer facing roles for a decade before I started my piercing career. I was given the opportunity to learn and work in Inka tattoos by my lovely brother ben, the owner of the studio. I couldn’t turn down a chance to be in the industry id always loved so much. After an intense training course from inkas educational service, I was on my way and I’ve never looked back.

I picked the name ouija because I originally had a vintage fashion boutique on asos marketplace with my best friend called ouija vintage. This was the first little business I had created and I wanted it to follow in suit as a sister brand.

Ouija to me is creative outlet, 

Its my absolute passion and an opportunity to push boundaries and to encourage people to be whoever they want to be.

I wanted to cater for everyone and provide a little bit of magic for whoever walks through the doors.

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